Infographics Done Right

Jim McManus, April 4, 2017

I was just perusing the winners of this year’s Malofiej awards, which could be considered the Oscars of journalism graphics. Held in Pamplona, Spain each spring, the Malofiej Conference awards the best infographics produced by news organizations around the globe. The award winners are often inspiring because of great visualizations, creative content, intriguing interactivity, or the depth of the data presented.

Also inspiring is the range of organizations that win awards there. We all expect journalistic giants like The New York Times, The Washington Post and National Geographic to win awards; but in this contest remarkable work comes out of news organizations of all sizes in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Great work starts with good ideas and comes to life with the successful execution of those ideas. Extensive (and expensive) resources are not always required. 

I was particularly struck by the Social Media graphics category because our clients are often need us to both create a great visual expression of their story, and also figure out how aspects of that story might be shared through their social media channels.

Checking out the winners might spark some interesting ideas.