Turning a Client’s Idea into Strong Results

Lisa Kilborn, May 30, 2017

It’s always satisfying to come up with creative storytelling ideas, bring them to life, and see the success our clients enjoy as a result. And sometimes it can be just as fulfilling to work with a client who comes to us with a creative idea, but isn’t quite sure how to pull it off or whether it’s even possible.

We recently experienced this second scenario when ITG, a global financial technology company, decided to use the TradeTech event in Paris to show clients how to navigate a new complex set of European regulatory changes known as MiFID II. Their CMO had the start of a creative vision to use sports cars and road maps to tell their story.

They needed booth graphics, some big imagery for a sponsored area of the event venue, and collateral to explain their solutions. They called on us to figure out the rest – and make it work.

That’s exactly the kind of assignment we love. Working off ITG’s original metaphor, we found gorgeous imagery of challenging driving terrain from around the world. These larger-than-life venue and booth graphics would surely captivate attendees and lure them to learn more.

Once in the ITG environment, attendees would then receive the oversized fold-out roadmap we created that charts a path through this tough new regulatory terrain, marking the key process areas, challenges, and ITG solutions. The back of the map further details ITG’s offerings, continuing the sports car metaphor.

So off our client went to Paris, with their smart idea now transformed into a tangible multi-part event campaign. And how did it go? Here’s what they told us:

  • “Our CEO told me, ‘It was a home run—no, a grand slam.’”
  • “[Our booth] stood out in a big way. It did position us as the firm to get you through the new landscape. MiFID II was THE big topic, mentioned in every single panel.”
  • “Going up on the escalator to reception the first day, I saw several pairs of attendees point to and comment on our branding. (I don’t think people even notice most escalator branding.)”
  • “We received an upsurge in qualified inquiries via  our home page, which now features an abstracted graphic from the roadmap.”

We won’t argue with those results. And we had a great time in the process.