Data-driven Stories in Healthcare

Jim McManus, June 4, 2018

Anyone associated with the tech arena these days is very familiar with the industry’s focus on big data, data-driven decisions, and systems thinking. We’ve certainly seen that with our tech clients. We’ve recently been struck by the number of healthcare organizations also using data-driven systems thinking to innovate new approaches to longstanding problems.

All of these organizations are approaching old problems with a new vision that incorporates innovative elements from the sciences, technology, and business.

And they’re sharing their stories. Here are a few examples from work we’ve recently completed for healthcare clients:

Using data to prevent patient falls in hospitals

We recently designed, wrote, and developed a website for the Fall TIPS Collaborative, an initiative launched at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. The Fall TIPS mission is all about promoting research and best practices to reduce the number and severity of patient falls during hospitalizations. Data gathering and analysis from hospitals nationwide is a core component of their methodology for assessing the causes of falls. Data also drives the development of new process to reduce falls, the creation of hospital-wide implementations, and audit processes. A constant feedback loop based on data comparisons between different hospitals and units within the same hospital keeps the fall prevention process evolving. The site we built for them showcases the Fall TIPS implementation plan with a smart and simple design that will be easy to update and expand as their efforts grow.

Systems thinking applied to patient safety

The Fall TIPS site actually arose out of an earlier project we did for Brigham and Women’s. They asked us to create a core story about their new Patient Safety Plan. This was an initiative that took a multi-disciplinary, systems engineering approach to increasing patient safety. The plan starts with the patients themselves and extends to family caregivers, their doctors and nurses, and even non-medical hospital staff.

Nationwide healthcare quality research from a Houston hub

UT Health

The University of Texas/Memorial Hermann Center for Healthcare Quality and Safety recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. During this past decade, they’ve spearheaded research at their own facility, and are coordinating research efforts at institutions across the country, to look at healthcare issues specifically around population health, patient safety, and strategic analytics. We recently wrote and designed a report that shares their story, talks about their evolution, and details their primary research programs and interventions.

Reporting on primary healthcare in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Our longstanding client Ariadne Labs continues to focus its change-making efforts on a range of healthcare issues here in the U.S. and around the globe. For them, we recently completed a fascinating research report on the primary healthcare system in Costa Rica and what makes it among the best in the Western Hemisphere.

We’re thrilled to work with these innovative thinkers in healthcare (as well as those in technology, education, finance, and beyond) to help convey their vision and the specifics of how they’re improving the world.