Our Work


In early 2021, the NIH and CDC issued a large grant to distribute free COVID-19 test kits to households in disadvantaged communities where the virus was hitting hard. This was long before tests were available in pharmacies. Until that point, the only way to be tested was to visit a testing site.

With misinformation about testing and vaccination deeply embedded in these communities,  the DCRI asked us to work with them to get the word out and encourage participation.


The “Say Yes! COVID Test” initiative first targeted Greenville NC and Chattanooga, TN.

We created a multi-faceted integrated communications campaign and worked with a media buying partner to place our content in market via advertising and social media, and monitor results.

We saturated communities to reach people out and about, at home, and online.



Bus Shelter

Feather Flag

Convenience Store Digital Display


Door Hanger

Informational Materials

And online:

Digital Display Ads

Paid Social Media Ads

Organic Social Media Ads

All supported by a website providing information about the benefits of testing, where to get the kits, and frequent updates.


  • All 80,000 kits distributed within the program’s 6-week timeframe

  • In a follow-up survey in North Carolina, 80% of surveyed people were aware of the program


Buffeted by this success, over the summer and fall of 2021 the NIH and CDC expanded to more communities, including Atlanta, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Honolulu, focusing on getting kits into the hands of people who needed them. We created new versions of these materials, and added some new ideas to the mix.

In Atlanta, we greeted sports fans and commuters at the Mercedez Benz Stadium with this animated display:

Digital Display Ad in Mercedes Stadium

And in Merced County, CA we helped DCRI launch a new effort called YOU and ME COVID-FREE that renewed the importance of researching the effects of test distribution on virus spread.

We added a wrapped food truck that became a test distribution truck.

Food Truck Wrapper

And we sent an LED billboard truck to a host of pre-holiday and other events.

LCD Truck Display

200,000 test kits were distributed across Merced county, just in time for people gathering for the holidays to stay safe


Once all the data was in and the results evaluated, we created a Return of Results video that was shared with all of the communities that participated.