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As a follow-on to DCRI’s Say Yes COVID Test initiative, they started a new program toward the end of 2021 focused on reaching the Latin American population in Merced County, CA. YOU and ME COVID-FREE distributed hundreds of thousands of free at-home COVID tests to a largely Spanish-speaking community, and then looked at the effects of test distribution on virus spread.

In addition to a website, flyers, online and print ads and videos, and social media, we also designed a wrapped food truck that became a test distribution truck.


Social Media

Social Media Ad

Social Media Ad

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Social Media Super Bowl Promo Ad

Animated Social Media

Food Truck

Food Truck Wrapper

And we sent an LED billboard truck to a host of pre-holiday and other events.

LCD Display Truck

LCD Truck Display

In all, more than 200,000 test kits were distributed across Merced county, just in time for people gathering for the holidays to stay safe.

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Display Ads

Display Ads

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