Primary Health Care Graphics for Developing Countries

Through our relationship with Ariadne Labs (Harvard School of Public Health, Brigham and Women’s Hospital), we created a set of 13 information-heavy graphics for policy and health leaders in developing countries who are responsible for creating and maintaining primary health care systems in their nations. These website graphics serve to summarize information-dense materials. See the …

Teen Sexual Health Project

After we helped them with a highly successful teen anti-smoking campaign, this public health department for the Atlanta, GA area engaged us to create a multi-faceted campaign to engage teens in their sexual health and pregnancy prevention program. We designed a website, brochures, pull-up banners, metro advertising, social media posts, fact sheets, resource guides, and …

Community Engagement Toolkit

A year after a highly effective initiative to distribute millions of free COVID-19 tests to hundreds of thousands of people, the DCRI turned their learnings into a toolkit to guide community leaders who want to launch their own public health initiatives in the future. We designed and did the full layout for this 100+-page report. …

Donor Impact Statement

We created a fresh new design for this annual publication that explains how university donors and their contributions have supported the university. View the full PDF

Ad Campaign: Dangers of Smoking and Vaping

Research told us that the best way to turn teens off of smoking and vaping is through the judicious use of disgust. So that was our goal as we created this TikTok campaign. Analytics showed that the campaign was highly successful.

Website Redesign

2022 marked the end of our second year supporting the NIH-funded initiative called RADx-UP, which focusses on improving the rates of COVID-19 testing and vaccination in underserved communities of all kinds across the U.S. In year two, we revamped and redesigned the RADx-UP website to align with the program’s brand evolution. Visit

Marketing Animations

In social media marketing, animated graphics consistently outperform static ones. That was the motivation behind the creation of these eye-catching animations, which started with imagery from the client’s existing materials, reimagined and brought to life through motion graphics.

Ad Campaign: Smoking Cessation Resources

Once someone makes the decision to stop smoking, getting support is key. We created a media campaign on TikTok and metro bus shelters that directed teens in the Atlanta area to a range of resources, tools, and programs.